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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
I was wondering what that BS in electronics meant.
I didn't want to start a war but I notice a lot of the head unit change
guys make this mistake.
Did you figure out a easy way to reroute the low level signals to the
harness cleanly.
The Alpine head unit I used has a separate harness for the low level outputs (instead of RCA jacks on the back of the head unit). I wired my harness directly to the Alpine low level harness after cutting the RCA plugs off.

Originally Posted by soupey View Post
I have another problem now, are you having any problems with the stock wiring adapted to RCA cables giving any kind of interference? Im considering wiring 3 sets of RCA's to the trunk at this point...feel like im progressively getting more and more noise now
The RCA cables I spliced into were coax. The OEM BMW harness is twisted pair. Both of these cable runs should have pretty good noise suppression. I have no noise issues after wiring to the low level RCAs. I did however twist my metra harness speaker wires (negatives twisted to positives for each channel) to continue the twisted pair from the BMW harness all the way up to the coax.
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