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Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
It looks like they wanted to force those corporate Chrysler Group LED headlights into the front fascia which necessitated a slimmer housing. They did an interesting job working around the new shape imo, although that central trim piece looks better in contrasting colors (a la SRT8 treatment).

The rear looks a notch better, since the current version features ungainly taillight and chrome detailing (the updated taillights even have a hint of VAG elements to them), and the interior looks massively upgraded.

They're definitely borrowing the LEDs from the Chrysler parts bin, i'm sure it'll be an eye-catching feature whilst it's driving down the street.

I just can't get over how round they made the front end look. The current model is a perfect marriage of old Jeep sharp lines with box-y features and new, sleek modern styling. The 2014 front bumper/grill area looks too soft and feminine to me. I do like the new tail lights. I never understood why all automakers don't make their tail lights LED illuminated, the design options are limitless. Plus they run more efficiently and will (more than likely) never need to be replaced.
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