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Update: My car has now been to Newport twice. The first time for an oil leak that I was pretty sure was the rear turbo..turns out it was a cracked valve cover, they replaced it in a timely manner (half a day). Most recently I had them replace my clutch(OEM dual mass flywheel, spec stage 2 +, oem bolts/bearings/fork/bushings) and that was actually a hassle because at some point my motor has been swapped(or BMW f'ed up during assembly). Supposed to have a 6 bolt flywheel, so that's what I ordered from Phil@Reeves(who I will be buying ALL of my OEM parts from going forward) based on VIN. Newport pulled the transmission off, immediately informed me that I had purchased the wrong flywheel and worked with me to get it resolved. Paul@Newport was fantastic, said it was no problem for me to keep the loaner car while I sorted everything out. 2 days later they had the correct flywheel thanks to Phil@Reeves' special order and overnight shipping...AMAZING!
Fair price for excellent work. Newport informed me that my fears were confirmed that 2 transmission bolts were stripped in the block. The last place to have the transmission off was Inskip.....twice...not happy, will be addressing with service director when I have a weekday off considering the second time they apparently removed the transmission was to address a bolt that was not threaded in all the way(which I noticed during wheel repair) after they replaced my throw out bearing.
I'm pretty much the easiest customer to deal with, so naturally your mileage may vary, I just expect the job done right and if it isn't, then I expect a fair resolution.
At this point the more pressing issue is that my motor is not what the VIN says it is. While I'm semi-pleased with this because allegedly the 07-08 blocks were stronger, I'd like to at least know how it got now I need to contact the original owner which may be complicated because I'm the 3rd owner of the car.

That's all for now!