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Originally Posted by LordLev View Post
At what mileage do suspension components such as shocks wear out? I have a 2006 325i (non sport) with 86k miles on it, and am looking to lower the car and improve handling. I'm not sure whether I should go with a set of springs of some sort, while ignoring the stock shocks, or save up to do both, since I hear you have to do an alignment when you lower the car.

At the same time, since adding shocks/springs adds up in price, would a cheaper set of coiliovers such as BC racing be an option? For the record, I'm after looks, while not being too low. I also love throwing my car around corners.
a coilover set-up or a strut and spring set-up will improve handling.

Spring and strut set-up is a cheaper route vs coil-overs (reputable brand).

Stock springs and struts can last a very long time 100k+ depending on conditions and use. Since your stock struts have 86k miles, its a good idea to change them out also. People put lowering springs on stock struts no problem, but technically wears struts much quicker. If you have no intentions of using the stock struts when off, you could use lowering springs until one of them blows then upgrade the struts.

or you can find a used set of coils if price is an issue. For many this is the better option. Handling is much improved, adjustability, and for some comfort. People seem to like BC/KW/AST/ST. do some research, see what fits your budget. If you can afford coils do it, if not, strut and springs, if not that then, springs.