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Originally Posted by 12beat View Post
I don't know what the fuck you're talking about, I’m not sure if you’re even serious. Just in case you are here’s my rebuttal…. Don't insinuate where and what I play and what format I use. Not that I owe you anything nor do I give a shit, but to put your fallacy to bed I have more records than you have Justin Bieber moves, play vinyl, toured N-America, and Europe releasing compilations in many countries.
Here's some school for you, deejay’s were coming of age and didn’t demand the rock stars status they are today regardless if you’re John Digweed, Sasha or Tiesto. I doubt you can appreciate or even heard of prog house, electronica and trance, right? Clown.
Until you can command a crowd of 50,000 ppl nightly, you shouldnt be commanding anywhere near $200/ticket, SHM CAN. Can you?. Main point. Case closed, now stfu.