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Quick question for you guys... I recently got a Mtech steering wheel in the mail - airbag included. How can I take off the airbag on a steering wheel that's already detached? I tried looking for clips to take off the airbag, but don't see them... And i don't want to just pry the airbag off - for fear of breaking something. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: ok... i realized this was a silly question. Once i started playing w/ the wheels, i realized that you just need to find those holes. For you guys who have a hard time finding those holes - refer to the picture below!! I've deliberately opened the hole just a little bit and took the picture as quickly as i can lol.

If you look at the picture below, that hole is where you'll stick your screwdriver in to release those retaining clips. If you get one side of the airbag off and the other side is being stubborn (like mine was), I would encourage you to just clip the airbag back in and start on the other side... that's what i did, and it came out without a problem. Don't force anything! Make sure you get the clip and the airbag will pop out by itself... no need to pull hard or anything like that. Good luck!
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