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Originally Posted by 5soko View Post
Lusso better then Mr. pink? Ive heard nice stuff about Lusso, but what makes it better then mr. pink? More suds?
Thanks for the advice.

P.s. I was told to use about double the recommended oz's with my glossworkz for more suds. Lets see how that goes. It suppose to not strip wax even at a high dilution.
I get more suds with less in the MTM Lance as well as the bucket. I have a DD wool mitt and you can just feel the difference in slickness. I extensively corrected my car and wash it with Lusso and I still have ~98% swirl free finish with dual bucket method an Lusso, and the wax is holding up great, it's designed to protect the wax and make it pop.

I like chemical guys but this is just a whole other level in soap, I find myself washing the same areas over and over just to keep smelling it and it pains me to throw away the water after, it's so good. Try it and let me know.

I only use Mr. Pink for the foam gun on my non corrected cars, and I have to add a lot to get the thickness of the lusso.

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