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Ship (BESS) problems

For those of you who have BMWs coming in from Germany to the US/Canada.
If your vehicle is aboard the BESS, a Panama registered Wallenius Wilhelmsen ship that left Bremerhaven on the 27th, you've been struck by bad luck.

Two days ago, the ship left Southampton, and something was obviously wrong as it started going into the Solent (the sound between Isle of Wight and the mainland), but then turned around and went around Isle of Wight instead. It then proceeded westwards into the Atlantic as it should.
Yesterday, it suddenly did another series of abrupt turns in the middle of the Celtic sea, and several tug boats showed up. After this, it was limping towards Ireland (not a scheduled destination) at around 1-2 knots.

Now it's registered as drifting, south of Ireland.
A day old data showing it limping towards Ireland and then going adrift here.

If your BMW is aboard this ship, as mine is (and up to 6000 other cars), don't expect to get your car any time soon.

And if anyone has more information, it would be welcome.

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