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335d characteristics

hi, i bought an 09 335D two months ago, chopping in an 06 335i. inital impressions, whilst good, are for me mixed. i find the initial longer gearing a bit of getting used to, and admittedly miss the I`s earlier turbo bite. using sport gets aruond this to some extent, and provides almost ballistic accelleration from 1500 revs or so. on a motorway overtaking at say 70 is near instantaneuos, the car just surging effortlessly past, well anything. i do mostly town/low mile driving, but bought it because i thought i`d be doing much more soon. DPF may be a problem if i don`t, mine has 23500 miles, so previous owner didn`t average much either.i also have , ithink, 225 19" wheels, and have crashed into various holesrecently, so that may be trouble also.MPG whilst better than the I is poor, 23 aruond town, but here at least diesel is cheaper than super unleaded.i suffer from a foot injury due to a car accident and find the throttle heavy compared to the I, prob. not an issue for you.power delivery is linear compared to petrol, but once you get that, it certainly is awesomely quick.for me though, petrol slightly more fun. enjoy.