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Originally Posted by Quasimodem View Post
This is great advice, maybe why I am getting an SES code 4A66 on my electrical management system. I am moving my ground.

Now, I am looking to improve my power connection which is straight to the nut holding the battery clamp on the positive terminal. This is pretty crude but effective. However I would like to use the MAK8 plugs which are part of the big red terminal adapter pictured below. But I have only two gray sockets left available on the right side and they have funny colored dots on top of them. If I split my power cable into two MAK8 connectors and connect to these available ports, could there be any problems? Does that big red BMW terminal adapter have fuses in it?
I do believe it does, yes. That's the idea behind the multiple cables - the main starter/alternator cable is not fused. You'd have to fuse it at north of 1kA, and 1kA is effectively a short circuit anyway so from a safety perspective, if the cable got cut in a crash, the fuse probably wouldn't blow and you'd still get dangerous sparks or current either way. Hence the explosive disconnect when you get in a crash. Safety thing. The others are all fused much lower than shor circuit current, though, so you don't need some kind of disconnect.

The question is, what ARE they fused at? I couldn't tell you, maybe look it up in WDS?

Aside, where can I get MAK8 plugs? I have some other always-on aux systems I'd like to plug in that way for cleanliness, but never figured out what connector it was (thanks for mentioning it!)

Ahh, here you go for fuse ratings on the distribution block.

There are some 100s, an 80, and a 50A terminal, so if you're smart about which amp goes to which, and you include an appropriate and lower inline fuse after, you can definitely use them.

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