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Recall Roundup: SCR/EGR system Post (DUPE)

Today I went to the local dealership to discuss recall campaigns/service actions that have been done to my car, and the ones that I believed needed to be done. The items I discussed were as follows:

1. SI B18 05 12 (Replace EGR Valve and SCR Mixer). This was done for me by the local dealership during 21-22 Aug 2012 with 4783 miles. I have the service sheet for this one.

2. SI B18 06 12 (Replace SCR Mixer). I was told this was bundled with #1 above and thus was completed on 22 Aug. I can believe this one.

3. SI B18 04 12 (Replace SCR Metering Unit). I was told this also was bundled with #1 above and thus was completed on 22 Aug. After returning home I checked my service paperwork and I cannot believe this one. If they did it, they neither correctly indicated it on my service sheet and nor did they affix the required service label.

4. SI B13 04 12 (Program Control Unit). I was told this had not been done, and we scheduled it to be done with my first service visit on Monday, 11 March, at 8am. This is the action that includes the gearbox software update as well.

So, tomorrow I plan to go back to the local dealership and question them on item #3 and see what sort of answer I get. If they insist they did it, I will ask to have a printout of the work done and why they neither annotated it on my service record nor affixed the label.

Monday is my first visit for oil and filter change, DEF top up, and what other goodies might they also do? Wiper blades. Yes, I am a lazy bum, but there is a story behind that.
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