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Originally Posted by B9M0W View Post
i've ran into you so many times online. It looks like we're both trying to do the same thing (from stock halogen to xenon AHL headlights) right? I was gonna buy LCI headlights but im gonna stick to pre- lci as i've been told there needs to be some wiring involved and led turn signals cost over 300 a piece. So far i found pre-lci lights but have not purchased them. Not worried about bulbs as it's not really an issue. Im having more of a problem finding control unit used, as i would need two and new ones cost $200each from dealer. I would probably need FRM2 as well since my car did not come with ahl headlights. LMK what FMR model you have.
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Look at ECS Tuning site, they have complete setups with modules and wiring harness.
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