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Quarter Mile Times

Well i was thinking that on the n54 section they have one. I wanted to see what us XI guys can bring to the table.

1) Model and Transmission
2) Elevation, Temp and Humidity
3) All performance modifications done to the car
4) Level of gas ran and how much gas in the tank? (ex: 93 octane and 1/4 of a tank)
5) Any weight reduction done to the car?? (ex: removal of rear seats)
4) Type of tires and rims?? (size and weight if possible)
5) Years of driving the type of transmission?? (this goes for mainly manual transmission, so if you are relatively new and are an "ok" driver let us know, this def makes a difference)
6) Obviously some type of proof of your 0-60 time, trap speed and finally quarter mile time. Preferably some video or slip or link to the drag time slip website to your direct slip.
(Copied from N54 section)

Legal tracks only!!!!!