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Just read that the F30's will NOT be getting the diesel but a hybrid instead. Anyone else read this?
I would love to have an X1 diesel but not likely.
I have been a diesel guy my entire life and lived in Europe for 3 or so years and drove a couple of diesels there.
US acceptance of diesels or lack there of is understandable given GMs folly and the smoking non turbo MB which put an end to any enthusiasm.
That was then this is now and attitudes are changing and will be changing as fuel prices go higher.
Do you really think Europeans like diesels because they like the diesel sound and messy fuel of the fact you get an immediate 30% better fuel economy because of more btu's per unit volume. If the gas engines got the same fuel mileage they all would be driving gas engines.

There are excellent diesels world wide and I hope and wish that the US starts to see them soon. BMW is making a start...