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AWD Addict, any luck? I've had mine in the shop so many times and gotten the same, "we cant find anything wrong" except I KNOW something is wrong. Started right when I changed the plugs. I used to wrench on cars myself at a hot rod shop, and between that and driving the car every day, I know when something is wrong. I read the whole forum and noticed that it seems everyone has tried something that would logically make sense, but to no avail. Something to add, I noticed a slight lack of power while driving, at all speeds. Also, the gas mileage seems to have taken a noticeable hit. I was averaging around 450 miles per tank, and now I am getting about 300 since the spark plug change/random rough idle. You notice that? LOVE the fact that it doesnt throw codes either.

Side note, I have been recording data for the rough idle and comparing it to the normal idle. I am going to have a few trusted mechanics around town look at it as well and see if they can wrap their heads around it. Let me know if you have any updates. Thanks!