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Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
....Any links to the "DPF" issue? what is the issue and why does it fail etc?


Thinking of getting one. Owners please comment on the engine.
As has been said running temperature is important to DPF regeneration, but it isn't the only reason DPF gives issue. A lot of the issue is short runs and incomplete regenerations, or just no conditions to regenerate in daily use.

It is one reason I've gone back to petrol, the times I've overshot on trips, to get a complete regeneration in the 330d, doesn't sit well with me. Anything less than 15 mile trips are not really long enough to suit these engines.

What sort of driving and conditions are you going to be using it? Note that regenerations take place every 300 - 600 miles and need about 8 - 10 miles (once hot) to complete. Winter time that can mean around 10 miles ahead of a regeneration even starting, so 20 miles (at the right time) to keep issues at bay.

Great engines, but think it over, as the petrol engine may be the more suited for your use.