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Originally Posted by roflrtron View Post
Collecting my 07 E92 335d M Sport on Friday afternoon (used approved), still debating buying the alloy wheel cover they said they'd sell me for 250 - covers 10 alloys in 3 years IIRC...

With all i've read on these alloys cracking, should i do it? I generally don't like buying the extra cover on bits, but i do live down a bumpy road, so wondering if it's worth doing, or are they likely to replace through warranty if i kick up enough of a fuss?

Would appreciate any input.
I didn't even know you could get this cover, no one offered me this when I got my car. Will have to ask them now.

I would have thought they would be covered by the warranty but that is only 1 year and by the looks of this thread it's hit or miss that they will anyway.

Considering the alloy cracking issue I would have brought the price down in the negotiations, far better to spend on this than that waste of time Supaguard.

I guess it depends on the value of the car and if you intend to keep the 19" alloys.

If it was me I would think about it at 250, if I could bring the price down to below 200 i.e 65 a year I would most seriously consider that.