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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
I am not sure if this will work but I was thinking of trying something later tonight...I have a airport express and a power inverter that plugs into cigarette lighter...I could get power to the airport express this I need an audio signal going out to the head unit/idrive.

Can I use the usb port from airport to plug into the usb slot in center console?...or is this usb slot on airport strictly an input rather than output.??? could use the audio jack out on airport if you had amp that had rca inputs that is wired into the head unit but this seems like a huge hassle.

So are the purists on here using music on their USB sticks and plugging into the slot on center console or in the glovebox so they dont have to stream with bluetooth or use the 3.5mm jack????
I have started another thread. I am using it now and it sounds great, but I am having some issues with the Airplay connection dropping out. I did some reading and it seems the issue may be related to the iPhone 4S which is what I have. Have not found a solution yet. Some days it'll work perfectly, others it drops the connection every 30 seconds...

A word of advice, the power inverter will probably introduce unwanted noise. Mine was humming so loud I could barely hear the music. I bought a step-down voltage converter (see other thread) and it works great, but you'll have to open up the AE and make some wire connections.

As far as audio output from the AE, you can only use the headphone out as an analog output and you can theoretically feed that into the car's aux in but that would be a lot of trouble for trying to eliminate 2 feet of wiring. You cannot use the USB out as it is only for SW updates.
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