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Originally Posted by dsgs View Post
My car is also on the Bess. I've been watching it for a few days. When it first left Bremerhaven it did something similar but I don't think it's an indication that something is wrong. It has, so far, met all of the projected port arrival times within a few hours (Zeebrugge and Southampton).

Perhaps they are doing testing, training, or avoiding storms.

(Maybe this should go in the Order Tracking forum.)
No storms. Other ships in the area don't do the same.
This is how it has moved the last two days. (Hit "track" unless the track shows up).
And then there are the two tug boats that visited on Sunday/Monday in the middle of the Celtic sea... And the DRIFTING status and itinerary removal.

If you still like to think you'll get your car on time, good for you. We need more optimists in the world.
Personally, I think this will cause at least a week's delay, much more if they have to reschedule to another ship and reload.

What Order Tracking Forum? I can't see any such forum on the forum page. Are you thinking of That Other Web Board?