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Do you give your CA/SA gifts?

Definitely a noob question but I'm still relatively new to buying luxury level cars. I've seen anecdotal reports of customers who give their CAs or SAs gifts like liquor, cigars, gift cards, etc. Is this rare? I would probably feel a bit awkward bringing in a bottle of scotch or something and handing it to my CA without knowing well ahead of time what he likes, which would be difficult to find out without suspicious questioning.

I'm asking because I'm a week or two away from taking delivery of a car I ordered, which will be the 4th one either myself or my partner has bought at this dealership in the past few years (one used, two new, and this one will be new). I kinda think our repeat business is gift enough...but I know my CA and his sales manager really bent over backward to get me not only an allocation for this car, but a pretty big discount. I would like to show my appreciation at delivery but I would also like to know this is a normal practice people actually do before proceeding.