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Originally Posted by PINeely
Originally Posted by GoRomeo View Post
Thanks for the info but seems like NOT having the car lifted on a shop it makes it more dificult to work on stands doesn it? I am just thinking out loud how if if I attempt to do this job.
If the car was lifted it would certainly be easier than the job is on your back, but the pump is really easy to get to. I'm a mechanic and it takes me about an hour to do one from start to finish but that's flat on my back. The pump is on the front passenger corner of the engine, bottom of the car. Lift it up and it's there as soon as you crawl under the car.

The most time consuming part of the job is taking all of the clamps and hoses off of the thermostat. That's where having the car on a lift would really pay off since you'd have more room to pull and tug.

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Why it seems OEM fails in this case.
As far as parts which are readily available go, OEM is the cheapest option. If you want to source up a non-OEM pump when you finally find one that's less than OEM it will be 10 dollars cheaper and you'll be ordering it from some no-name website that nobody has ever heard of. Additionally there are no data on aftermarket pump failures so they could very well be worse on it than OEM. An alternative would be to order a pump directly from VDO since I think that they make the OEM pumps, but again, you are talking 395 versus 400 dollars and ordering from a mystery party.

PS: BMW has never been known for their cooling systems so any pump that you put in there will probably fail eventually. The fact that this model's pump is so expensive is just a stroke of bad luck for us.
Is it much easier if you don't change the thermostat?

Have you done it on an XI?

There are some oem pumps for 320$ shipped on ebay.