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Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
bloody hell....

Guys do you know if these issues apply to the 320d as well???
DPF issues can be common, later N47 2.0d engine doesn't have the same EGR setup as the M-series engines, so a bit more reliable for ECT it seems. But depending on what build period, N47 can have other issues including timing chain failures, which can trash the engine.

Another issue with non ideal DPF use is oil dilution. Guy from my local recovery garage was telling me that DPF issues are now one of their biggest failures across the makes. Local use of diesel engines is not a good idea. He recommends shortening the service intervals to a lot of their customers, and advises customers to get driving, give the engines a chance. Worst case, he has drained 9-litres of diluted oil from a 4.5-litre sump, due to ECU trying to get a DPF regeneration. Has seen a con rod through the crankcase, due to oil dilution and engine going on to self destruct, and has a special area at their garage with fire protection equipment for forcing regenerations. BMW are not immune from these extreme issues.

Use the diesel correctly and there are few issues, but get it wrong and many are cursing the day they moved to 'economical' diesel motoring.