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Originally Posted by colinc2 View Post
Yes a lot of the pictures are there now

Now i just have to read the complete thread again ! By the time i have finished , maybe my Mercedes option will have been finally quashed.
Think finally all my pictures have returned.

Originally Posted by colinc2 View Post
I noticed that as I was reading the whole thread over a cup of tea (ok a pot of tea!) yesterday afternoon. In the up close shots of the wheels the paint definitely has a bronze feel about it.

I think i remember that you are going to have a cinnamon interior ? Reckon that will look good and possibly enhance the 'bronzeness'!

Talking of cinnamon .. it was my favourite colour on an E46 M3 (black or grey ) and so wished i had ordered it rather than the red I had. I didn't realise i liked it till i saw it at a BM3W meet on a mates car .. and was always envious of his choice.

Oh - and when are we going to be able to see this car in the flesh ? Will be worth the drive from the south coast I think
I'm actually having second thoughts on the full re trim. 2 reasons, I look at my seats and they are beautiful, and secondly I can't find a leather close to cinnamon. All are either tooooo orange or toooo pale.

I'm now thinking retrim my spare rear seat and door cards to match the fronts. Alcantara and leather with double silver stitching. I would then do the dash trim, centre console, and door trims in silver carbon fibre to brighten it up?

Similar to this,

Not completely decided yet. Just a thought ( and a cheaper one).

Will be doing some shows this year for sure

Originally Posted by skelts View Post
Nick stop messing around and please buy them wheels advertised on cutters, they are awesome. Even tried to work out figures to get them to fit on mine but its just not happening plus my brakes would look tiny
To be honest do like them but car would end up looking the same as mandeeps car. Love his but not trying to replicate it.

Think it's unlikely I'd buy them as for me it takes it into a more modified look that I like but with this car my theme is more oem plus plus plus

Originally Posted by sheps View Post
You're looking at alternate wheels?
Car looks amazing on those wheels.
I have no idea what wheels you're considering but I doubt any wheel could look as perfect under those arches.
As said not really the ones posted. Possibly a set of bbs chr,

Which would just look the same but cost me more. These are most likely but keep putting it off as they are so similar!

Originally Posted by AdamC View Post

Personally I would stick with what you've got over these wheels, car looks stunning.
Probably will

Bit sad but my custom badges arrived this week. I have a few spares........