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Alpina Flash for 703ers (DMV)

Hey Guys, I got in contact with one of my regular coders who has assured me that he is able to do the Alpina Flash. He will be in the area this weekend (til Saturday) to do the flash as well as other coding (windows up with key fob, fold mirrors with key fob, etc.). I'll be getting the flash done Saturday in Silver Springs, MD. He has given me pretty good group prices depending on the number of people.

If interested let me know. For prices, PM.


So far, here is the list of people interested for tomorrow's coding:

1. Me
2. 335 MI6
3. next level
4. Sam335ix
5. zeel

Please let me know if you want to add any more people (member or not) to the list.

***UPDATE #2***

I spoke to the coder recently and unfortunately he will NOT be able to do the Alpina Flash in the morning. He wants to use my car as a 'test mule' until he can assure quick, rapid, and reliable flashing. If all goes well, he will be doing the flash a little later in the day and I will notify those who want that done individually by PM. However, he will still be available in the morning for regular coding if that's all you're getting done.

I'm extremely sorry for the confusion.

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