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Originally Posted by ddanj
sounds kind of high considering we can get the parts (water pump+thermostat) for around $500 online. Labor shouldn't be more then 2 hours at most for a technician, I would think. I replaced mine a couple months ago - it took me around 4 hours total I would say. Maybe try BMW of Silver Spring? I heard what some people do is buy the parts from Tischer online and then have them installed at Silver Spring. Are you sure it's the water pump?
Yea someone else mention taking it to BMW Silver Spring. Will look into them instead.

Pretty sure it is just because what I am reading on the forums and what my car did. Was driving and the car bogged a little and the yellow over heating light came on them turned off. i pulled into my parking lot at work 2mims later and my radiator fan was going nuts. Just was hoping it needed to cool down and I would be fine. Well turned car on to leave 3 hours later and 5 seconds after starting the car the radiator fan was on full blast again. Drove maybe 3 miles and yellow over heat light came on and 2 mins later the red one came on and car went into limp mode. Pulled over and was in a real shallow shoulder so I turned it off for 2 mins and started up to get somewhere safer and went yellow them red again.