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Originally Posted by Fully_Bolted
Originally Posted by BMW_Alex
Wow perfect timing for this thread. OP great times man congrats! I am planning on going tomorrow night for some fun runs on 35% E85 mix with mods in my sig minus the meth. Hoping to be sub 12.5s (rfts suck) plus i am worried for my clutch

If any locals want tocome have fun it will be nice to see u out there
If you're on anything except drag radials or slicks, I suspect you'll run a 12.9 @115+ lol... That's assuming you don't snap an axle, snap the driveshaft, or shatter your diff from the wheel hop.
I beg to differ... 12.8@108 here in a tune (old jb4) only 07AT E92 on stock tires, no cool down, nothing special.