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Originally Posted by bigdaddycane View Post
Automatic tranny, I presume?

there is some relevancy to this statement ONLY IF THE TRANNY HAS HIGH MILEAGE.

Changing automatic transmission fluid on a somewhat high mileage car (over 60K) can cause problems for the tranny.
Yes you are correct, But the point was that the fluid is special and has majic properties. There is no way the trans fluid dissolves anything other wise the transmission would never last.

Your opinion of high milage is a little off, high milage is typically considered 120k and above. I have fixed a few bmw automatic transmissions by changing the fluid and they were both over 130k miles. The lifetime trans fluid that came out was worse than diesel motor oil. Both had "valvebody" issues, and they both now have over 200k on them without ever replacing components.

Then again i have flushed domestic transmissions that had high milage and they didnt make it out of the shop, Also recently a range rover(bmw trans) also didnt make it long after changing the trans fluid.

This is why this customer starts at 60k and changes it every 30K. This is also what we reccomend to our customers as well as it is the "safest" approach.