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Originally Posted by junitos View Post
wrong please don't guess its fine if you don't know its not a big deal. it must be a caution light it also come on when your car isn't warmed up I just checked it be 4 I left to the store light was red I waited like two minutes car warmed up light change to orange .

anyways the light came up when I was driving hard then when away no big deal I was trying to get some legit answers from the community instead I got some lil kidd shit from other members im over it
thanks for your reply
Wow. I can understand you're ass hurt because everyone made fun of you, but of all the replies to your post I was the only person to kindly answer your question. I'm not wrong. I just went around the block and took some photos and a video. Maybe it wasn't the seatbelt or brake indicator in your case, but here's proof that those symbols combined with the orange light from the JB4 command mode result in the same red top square as in the photo you posted. Your additional speculation about the cause reveals your utter ignorance on the matter. You will always see the top square as red when you first open the door and start the car if you go to command mode right away because the seat belt symbol will illuminate for a moment. Your tone makes you come across as more of a dick than anybody else that responded. Good luck in life you piece of trash.