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Originally Posted by D.D.
Am expecting 330 xi w/performance and 162 wheels to be delivered in early February. I want to dump the run flats as they are HEAVY! I am considering the Dunlop Direzza DZ 101, but cannot find much info on them. I'm also looking at Pirelli P Zero Nero and Toyo Proxes T1R. Tire weight is a major consideration. I would appreciate any info or opinions re: the Dunlop tires.......Thanks.
I have a set of Dunlop DZ101 on my Mitsu 7 seater here in Hong Kong. Below are my impressions on this tire:

Dry road: Lot's of grip and predictable and they still grip the road when it's starting to slide and they slide in a progressive way. The compound is quite sticky. Your tires will kick up alot of debris on the road onto the inner fender. It's like driving a rally car if there are many debris on the road. Tire wear is minimal, I have done around 16000miles on them and they still have around 60%. I am driving very hard, spinning, fast on corners.

Wet road: It's only soso, it will loose grip quite early and massive understeer (maybe because my Mitsu is front wheel drive car)

road noise: It was very quiet when new and now seems abit louder.

Price: It's quite reasonable.

So, I am quite happy with them but I am not sure how they would perform on a E90.

Hope this helps.