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as "o0timbo0o" correctly said, torque pro can only read engine failures and not peripheral and minor faults.
also, in order to see more parameters than the common ones, you must customize and insert manually the PID of any parameter you want to watch (you can manually add pid addresses in a specific section in torque pro but better you dont do it.. a friend of mine tried to do so in a Jazz hybrid and had problems after that)

I have tried to find pid codes for bmw in web with no luck (there are many for prius hybrid, as their owners might be more electronic guru than a bimmer one)

BMWhat seems to be a good tool for us but I have no experience from it till now. the last update of BMWhat lite doesn't seem to work for me (N46 engine) but it used to work for the last two months I had installed it.
I would love to find a mate from our forum who bought the BMWhat in order to check its abilities in my car and if its worth its money (its much more expensive comparing to the torque pro but it might worth its money).

if there is a mate near my area and wants to test/see how the torque pro runs in his car then we could meet to check it.
F30 mineral grey N47T