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Originally Posted by bulldog x6 View Post
search the n54 section about SPEC. You actually have to do a bit due dilligence yourself. Or better yet, use Google? Welcome to 2013....
Step 1: Post terse comments implying negativity towards a product, lacking diligence.

Step 2: Accuse others of lacking diligence when your unjustified remarks are called out.

What you are doing is called "shifting the burden of proof." You made an assertion. Back it up. How do you think I found this thread in the first place?

As Ænema said, it is likely that most of the complaints come from not properly breaking in the clutch in the first place.

Are these the bolts needed for the transmission?

How many are needed? 6? I want to make sure my shopping list is thorough.

Clutch, flywheel, and these bolts?