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Originally Posted by Ferruccio View Post
I've heard generally good things about spec clutches. The only negatives I am seeing on this thread are terse and unjustified, so I have no way of evaluating your points.

Anyway, this thread is a few months old, with the only new post being me asking for confirmation on whether I have right parts for the mechanic to install the clutch.
So I just finished installing my Spec 2+ non-sac clutch and steel SMFW. The clutch engaged at the top of the pedal extension. It seemed the clutch was not fully engaging though because if I gave it anything more than 5-10% throttle it revs up (slips.) This was because the TO bearing never fully disengaged and the TO bearing was always pressing on the PP fingers even with the pedal out since the bearing was too tall/thick.

Long story short... the issue was the TO bearing was too tall and I had to remove the transmission to put the stock TO bearing in. After doing so the engagement point is in the middle of pedal travel. The only help I received from SPEC was them confirming I could use the stock TO bearing (they first told me I had to use their TO bearing, but when it was clear the their TO bearing was the problem they said I could use the stock.) In their defense they have apparently released a new design that is equivalent to stock. I purchased mine in December, so some time since then.

Pics from the install...

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