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Originally Posted by dotzmugello View Post
I have installed 5000k hids with error cancellers and everything works now.

I have still one problem. I installed first only one side with new 5000k bulb ( another side had old 4300k bulb). I tested them like 5min and after that I installed another 5000k bulb. Now that bulb which I tested 5min is little bit more white than another 5000k bulb.. So did I mess up because I didnīt install both of them at the same time or is that another bulb "broken"? I drove car about one hour and I think that the difference between bulbs is not as big as earlier, Is it possible that they will look same if I just use them more?

I tried to take some photos but all of them failed.. I dont know how you guys take those nice angel eye/ hid fog pics.

All in all 5000k hids are very good match( I believe the best you can get) to lux lci halogen angel eyes.

So they did send you correct bulbs? When you test the 5000K vs 4300K side by side, can you tell the difference?

Most likely one was broken in more since you install it and ran in for 5m. Initial break in period can be like 20-30 mins the first time you turn them on. Then later after many hours it could shift in color a bit

Glad it match ok. Is quite hard to take pix of the AE. Once far away it looks all blurry but ok when close up but at different angle and light it can be different color from pix