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New lighter M3 turbo sedan is my next upgrade goal! (although the f30 328i loaners ive had feel very plastic like doors, interior and window up/down, just not very bmw like) Start this off by saying I am all about good value so this was my thought process for my last couple cars...

When I was looking at the options 3yrs ago it was V8 $40k vs N54 $26k 3yrs of warr+maint left + $300 jb4 + $40 intake ran 109mph trap and turbo sounds are just intoxicating!

I havent in 3yrs ever made it to a road course, and id hate the thought of damaging a $40k+M3.

I chose 09 CTSV $42k still under warranty 650hp trap 121mph on 91 oct and weighed out ....
Supercharged M3 Project $40k for the sedan + $15k for ESS kit + installation + very expensive exhaust systems. Thats a $60k project easy.
To sum up the CTSV ownership "all those horses and no where to run"

450hp turbo M3 lighter weight just makes so much sense, + a tune say +50-100hp/tq cant wait! Ive been watching google alerts for over a year now.
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