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Originally Posted by mlifxs View Post
+1 on Dinans.

Lurking around hoping to find some used ones cheap. New ones are currently on sale from Dinan, 15% off. Only issue I've heard of is slight increase in ride height: some say 3/8", Dinan says 1/4". Probably won't notice it visually.

Longliven54, since you have them, does install require any modification to the top hat? I'm wondering if there is a hidden cost (top hat gets modified and needs to be replaced if one decides to part out Dinan plates later).
There is a 1/8" metal spacer that it used in the strut mount assembly that can be removed when you install the Dinan camber plates (it is recommended in the instruction sheet that is included with the camber plates). That pretty much negates any increase in height that you would get from the camber plates.

Good luck finding a used set. I caved in and bought some new ones!