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Originally Posted by 335dFan View Post
PW, how would you compare the Jefferson Circuit to the Main Circuit? Speeds. Demands on brakes. Level of difficulty. Etc.
335fan I am not familiar with the Jefferson circuit, but re the main circuit, I am a novice driver and at this level I have an instructor with me in the car. There are two places in the main course that are hard on the brakes, Turn 1 at the end of the front straight, and Turn 5, the carousel.

Just looking at the map, the main circuit is a lot bigger and faster -- the 335d (zero mods) was hitting 120 down the front straight. I could hit the brakes at 300 feet and have no trouble making Turn 1, though in general I would chicken out and start at 400 feet. In Turn 5 I was going maybe 45-50.