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Originally Posted by cn555ic View Post
Dont take it into context? THe whole passage mentions if it wasnt for you this flash would never have been discovered...I mean what did you actually do beside let me test it on your car first as I couldnt with mine because I had a dead battery and wanted to wait a little longer? You have all my software that I loaded onto your computer and I configured your laptop for you! I am far from upset but just bewildered at your comments.

Anyway I am done with this...
Well, I don't want to be a dick about this, but let me clarify. You wouldn't have been involved because you weren't even following the thread until I told you about it. BTW... Yes this would have been discovered with out you or me because we weren't the first to figure this out. Tomaz posted the information first and told everyone the assembly number and what was needed because he was already running it on his car. Unfortunately no one really knew anything about WinKFP otherwise this would have taken off a week before we posted anything.

So other than taking the time to figure out WinKFP by reading the WinKFP documentation and importing the SP-Daten-e89, what did you do other than write the DIYs?

I'm a systems engineer with a computer science degree. You don't think that if I had the time I wouldn't have figured this out by myself. I appreciate the software that you took so much time to setup, but this shit isn't rocket science and I agree it would have taken me longer to get things setup, but trust me, I would have figured this out, it's what I do for a living.

Even if your car had a good battery and a charger you wouldn't have tested this first because you're not the type to take the plunge into the unknown. You even tried to get me to back off and wait for enrita to try it first. So talk about bewildered. But that's ok. Like you said, I single handedly made you look like an @ss because I agreed to do this group event I was invited to for $50 a car and made this a cheap @ss flash.

So what are you really pissed about? Me taking the credit for telling you about the assembly number and having the balls to be the first to flash my car? Or you having people question why you're charging so much for a 10 minute flash?

I'm not a coder and don't care to be a coder for $. I'm sorry if I broke the coders rule, but unlike you this wasn't about making a lot of money like it was for you. Anyway, don't worry because I won't bother you again about this or anything else.