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Originally Posted by shortseller View Post
WHAT !! -Just kidding.

Not mad, just didn't appreciate the road manners. And it seems to happen more than not when I come to meet M3s on the road. I guess it's something about my blk e92 w/ staggered 19s that makes them curious. Most of the time I don't even bother as I like BMWs and never enjoy the road play against a fellow bimmerhead, I would rather wave and acknowledge a brethren hobbyist and be on my way. I tend to save my ass kicking mode for Audi owners, Mustangs, Asian stuff, etc.
Lol he said Asian stuff. Like IsFs, GTRs, evos and stis right? Mustangs? Good luck with the 5.0 fbo as well. And audis...well no one cares about them.