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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC View Post
Engine torque is meaningless. I was talking about wheel torque which is proportional to horsepower.

And the arguement that if you are not stepping on the gas WOT all the time than the 335 is quicker? If I want to drive relaxed than I am not looking for speed and thus the 295 foot pounds at 3k rpms is more than enough to cruise. If I want performance, fun or passing I go WOT and put in the right gear which keeps you above 6k all the time and in the big powerband.

To each his own, but this misconception of how torque and hp relate to actual thrust and car acceleration is just ridiculous how widespread the misunderstanding and misuse of the information.

Once again calculate the area under the HP curve and compare 2 cars. That tells you which is the faster car given a similar weight. Engine torque gives one small piece to a puzzle and does not account for RPMS and Gearing. HP on the other hand does a better representation of accounting for atleast the RPM's role in power production which is what ultimately drives the wheels and creates torque At the wheel, not the engine

250 foot pounds at 7-8400 rpms with more gear mulpiplication beats the pants of 350 foot pounds at 5 or 6k (335 tuned) with taller gears and less multpilication. This is represented by HP which will be significantly more in the M3.
Nice theory, explain this from a few weekends back? The top end with the low RPM crappy gear multiplication N54 against the high RPM excellent gear multiplication ESS supercharged M3 is very interesting.

BTW I am 7-0 against stock or close to stock M3's at Rockingham & Mexico with a light tune + FMIC 375whp/414ftlbs for about 1K all in.

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