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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC View Post
Engine torque is meaningless. I was talking about wheel torque which is proportional to horsepower.

250 foot pounds at 7-8400 rpms with more gear mulpiplication beats the pants of 350 foot pounds at 5 or 6k (335 tuned) with taller gears and less multpilication. This is represented by HP which will be significantly more in the M3.
You can generate all the explanations / excuses you want. The fact is that at lower rpms that are more commonly used on the street, unless you want to redline the car driving on 45 mph roads, the m3 has little torque. In fact, there are many professional car revirws that mention the exact same thing. I owned one for a year, and felt the exact same way. My current car has significantly more torque at the rpms I use and subsequently pulls much harder in the low end and midrange.

Finally, read your last comment. 7000-8400 rpms? No one is talking about those rpms. We are talking about street rpms, like in first or second gear at 1500-3000 rpm. At those rpm, the m3 power is not strong relative to a stock much less tuned n54 car.