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Originally Posted by reficuliu View Post
Ok, so since I purchased my LED lights from eBay, I really don't have confidence I will get my money back in full. After uninstalling the lights, i just tried (very skeptically) and wrapped ALL the wire (red and black each individually) with aluminum foil. I did it from the beginning to the end of each wire, as long as it was visible i wrapped it. I reinstalled the lights after doing so, and apparently the aluminum foil really does block the radio frequency interruption. I will drive it around for a few days to see if the TPMS error shows again.

P.S. i left out the Error Cancelling Resistors, and i'm driving a 2007 E92, most likely FRM2
Did the error show back up after driving for a few days?

I have Alpine HID 6k angel eyes. They came with the car. The TPMS hasn't worked since day one. I wonder if I try shielding my whole set-up if it'll work. I'll probably try unplugging them for a while to see if it's actually the angel eyes causing the problem or if the previous owner did something weird with the TPMS. Bought the car with non runflats on so who knows.