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I would say that it's like 98%. Most of the wrap is perfect, but some of it had to get touched up, mostly in the pointed parts like front fender edge and grill by the headlights. Part of it was that she had to do it when the weather was in the 30's which didn't help. But if you didn't open the doors, you'd think it was paint. Actually, I had to drop it off at the body shop today (United Collision) because someone hit the car a couple of days ago and they thought it was paint at first.

So unfortunately, once I get it back, I will rewrap the driver's door and quarter myself. That's easy enough that I can do it in a weekend. If I've got the time, I may get some M3 skirts, wrap those, and then wrap the rest of the door jamb so that even when the door is open, most of it is green.