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Originally Posted by BEAR-AvHistory View Post
Sure N54 2 for 2 over the M3 with supercharger. M3 did well on the day. but the N54 did better.

The camera car is the supercharged M3 was driven by Longboarder his record for the day was very good except for the two losses to Terry's 135.

Mustang SC T
335 W
335 W
M5 W
135 L X2
335 W
Mustang Cobra SC L
Lambo L
R8 V10 W
C63 SC L

The 135 for the day went undefeated 7-0

Longboarder's supercharged M3 -- Won by 2 cars from 50mph and 1 from 40mph.
SRanch335 RB turbo 335 -- Won by 2 cars+, and almost got wiped out by a plane on the return road!
Another supercharged E92 M3 -- Won by 2 cars
Z06 Vette -- Won by 1-2 cars
Jon's 335 -- Won by several cars
Eric's C63 -- Won by several cars

SRanch's 335 took out the Lambo that beat the M3.

335 JB4 vs Ferrari 458 Italia

Over to you
IMO this is the result of the extreme obesity of the E92 M3, more so than a result of the short commings of the S65. The M3 is what about 200 pounds more than the 335 and 500 more than a 1 series coupe? The E92 should not have weighed a pound more than the E46, IMO.

The m3 is a fantastic choice if someone wants a car with panache that also offers excellent performance, with a warranty. When you modify things, all the usuall metrics and measurements go out the window.
Those N54s were really heavily modified but, one of the VT3 guys could jump in here with 650+whp on race gas a meth injection and wipe all the custom TT n54s and exotics out easily. The guy in Florida running around with that 650whp ST N54 could come along and may well do the same to the M3. Then, the next guy with money will come along with an M3 that has even more boost and even more meth injection and even wider rear fenders and kill the ST N54. The take away is that is's nearly impossible to compare midified cars, because there is no easy way to determine parity across different platforms. What is to say that a VT-575 is "equivelant" to a FBO N54 with stock turbos? Nothing. They don't cost the same, they don't have the same engines, they don't have the same induction systems, they don't have the same chassis's, etc.

When it comes to comparing modified cars, comparisons become largely specious arguements because money can transform cars into characturies of themselves. Suffice it to say that anyone with deep pockets can turn either an N54 or an S65 into incredible drag or track machines.

In my opinion, the choice to buy a one E92 (or E90) over another is a largely emotional choice. Arguing technical points for the purpose of being correct is largely useless and, always ends up combative. Each car is different and, each should just by what suits him or her better.

Having said that, I want a supercharged M3 way more than I want even a custom turbo N54. Drag races and technical arguements are meaningless. The whole of the M3 is just a different and, IMO, much more pleasing machine than my 335i, even with the high RPM bias and high weight.