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Cool thread I didn't know my vids were so famous I did most of those runs with my windows down and I should have known better but no excuses, Terry pulled me pretty hard.

For the April Shift-Sector event I'm swapping my 5.5psi pulley for a 8psi pulley this week and should pick up at least 50 RWHP I'll need it to keep up with Prem and Steve (Vishnu/FFTEC single turbos) as I hear Steve just did a 6.8 second 60-130.

Funny that I made a thread about this very subject when I had a tuned/meth 335 when I first test drove an M3. I was disappointed with this lack of torque...but ended up coming full circle:

At these power levels, the lack of torque is actually a benefit as my car now has traction on the initial hit during the roll racing events. The others have to play catch up.

I loved my 335 but at the track, the M3 is incredible. There's nothing like flying around corners full WOT at 8,600 RPM.
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