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Originally Posted by grimlock View Post
I was going to say NOT donnie yen - I have not seen any of his movies except for the clip above, I don't know much about him except he is always in the papers here.

but if there is anyone who would freeze/shit in his pants/start crying for momma in a real situation THIS is the guy

you can just tell by his fighting 'style' - rigid and cartoon character like, obviously he knows nothing about any form of self defense (not that I know, but I know he does NOT know)
the ridiculous meat tenderizing /heart massage punches and punching someone in the head are just signs of this

he makes movies, calls himself "strongest in the universe", there can't be any more signs of a real-life wimp who is so scared shitless of getting beat up.. major major shrimp complex
Donnie Yen's mom is a Wushu champ But the reason why i put him in the mix is because his mother sent him to live in boston when he was younger but got send back to hong kong after he got in trouble with the local chinatown gangs He's cocky now, imagine him in his late teens
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