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Originally Posted by Jonjt View Post
IMO this is the result of the extreme obesity of the E92 M3, more so than a result of the short commings of the S65. The M3 is what about 200 pounds more than the 335 and 500 more than a 1 series coupe?.
No point in going any further according to BMW the M3 weighs 122lbs more then a 335 & 265lbs more then a 135 or about half the guess. The rest of the post is "what if" not what happened.

Next time its an all new game so "what if" Vishnu gets his ST's on track.

Thing is all these cars, 135/328/335/M3, are modifications on the same basic hull. What some people seem to be unhappy about in some specific competitive events the low priced spread is very effective.

For example RB turbos for $2699 a set vs $7995 for a VT1-550 while the VT2-650 runs 13,995 & the VT3 looks like it might be a complete engine rebuild with low compression pistons etc.

Bottom line is Longboarder had a very good day & on that specific day Terry had a better one. Next time out it could easily be reversed that’s competition. What you are not dealing with is an N54 with FBO’s, RB’s & Meth is a very fast car & competitive with a lot of sacred cows. Its not only fast but according to the definition provided to me on the site a bolt on car is not heavily not heavily modified.

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