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Originally Posted by Darkpitiless
Originally Posted by COBB Tuning View Post
That's definitely weird. We don't change anything in the transmission, so its possible the car is still "learning" after the flash and reset of all modules. You can definitely send me some logs using the default monitor list. I'll make sure I don't see anything odd. Do a couple logs that cover what you're seeing, then also send me a couple logs of 3rd gear WOT pulls.

Hopefully they'll get you sorted. Once you're updated, let me know if you get an unsupported rom and I'll get it added asap.

Finally after 3 long days of fixing a leak in the expansion tank and updating my DME they called me today. Once i collected my car i parked near by the dealer to check which ROM i have now. And yeah this is what i have now "98F0B" but its not supported yet?? just uploaded my ROM, please look into this ASAP cause im dying to tune the thing.
Yes it is supported and what I have.... Enjoy - make sure you update the AP