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Heres the setup for Saturday:

There are a couple members who requested to be on the dyno in the AM. They will recieve am tunes as long as they are present in the am.

This is going to be first come first serve for anyone else being tuned. Bren will be tuning till 7pm.

Please feel free to come by even if you are not getting tuned. Be a cool way to meet members and see what your n54/n55 is capable of. As of now the weather looks to be chance of hit or miss rain showers. Temps in the mid 40's. Turbo cars love cold air!

I figure for lunch we can put some cash together and order some pizza's or whatever you like. If you dont want to stand all day i recommend bring a chair. Ill try to get my hands on a tent to stand/sit under as garage space is limited. Should be a fun day
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