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1200 miles on new car and low oil? Also found 5 codes with jb4

Today my 335 said that I had below minimum oil and I needed to add a qt. I thought that was strange since the car is brand new and I have only 1200 miles on it.

After an hour I rechecked the oil using the dash and it said it is normal now, so I then decided to check via the JB4 for any trouble codes.

I found 5 codes:


I know 2e4c is for exhaust flap which is unplugged, 2c90 is a normal tuner code... the other 3 I am not certain of. Does anyone know what they are? Did I actually have low oil and the two codes are related to that?

The car runs fine and strong otherwise... Only issue is that the MAF is rubbing against the HVAC filter trim piece because I have a BMS intake and the fitment is off a little, I need to adjust it.

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