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Originally Posted by newbmwuser View Post
the z3 looks good to this day
Believe it or not, two times last year I have had a couple people ask me if it was "The New Z" lol.

Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Wow still love the way the old MZ3 looks. I bought it when it first came out in '98. No traction control and I used to drive over the rainy/wet Pali Highway from Kailua to Honolulu and managed not to kill myself
'98's represent! Imagine no traction control with twice the power! I have actually been driving the car more and more in the rain, just staying out of the boost.
Originally Posted by Mr.Metak2you View Post
I like the Z3 vert better as well, but I also know that the Z4 is a much better car in every other aspect.

Regardless, the Z4Mcoupe blows both out of the water!

The Z4 does some things better, but it's, also bigger and a bit more tamed-diluted. There is a rawness that is very enjoyable. There are many E36/7/8 owners who did not jump to the E85/86 when offered the choice. It's not about price either as a last year MZ3 Coupe with an S54 can hit $30k, enough to buy a Z4M
Originally Posted by bmwdinamo View Post
Have to disagree with the above comments. I don't care if James Bond drove the Z3, it's still an ugly car. Neither one of these is a beauty but the Z4 is just better in every way. The only roadster I love is the Z8.
You are 100% in the minority on that. After years of ownership, cars shows, auto-x, getting groceries, I have never had a car that was viewed as "beautiful" by young old, male, female, all kinds-the way the MZ3 has.

This thread is an excuse for me to picture bomb, so please bear with me!


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